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🚫 ME & MY EX 🚫 If you haven't HEARD, I have been up @devacurl 's 🍑 trying to find out the TRUTH about what happened to their products. The SAME products I have loved and used on myself and my clients for years are now having a HORRIBLE IMPACT on the same people who once loved them (including me, clearly). If you are my client, you know I have been die-hard Deva for YEARS. I refused to stray because, "if it ain't broke don't fix it!" ☝️ WELL @DEVACURL , it's BROKEN. How are you going to FIX IT? 🤔 They claim they did not change the products. Let's show them that we won't be told it's user error and 🤐 🙄 I lost INCHES of hair and a lot of density due to extreme weakness and dryness caused by a cuticle that does NOT CLOSE! I have had hundreds of people tell me they are experiencing the same or worse. I will not be letting this one go. COMMENT WITH YOUR RECENT EXPERIENCE ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #RecallDEVACURL

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