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I need to address this. I posted this picture nearly two years ago with a caption revealing how miserable chasing the body on the left had made me. How it was never enough. How hitting the goal weight NEVER made me happy. And how much better it felt to finally embrace my softness. Over the last month more and more of you have been sending me the second picture after seeing it advertised online. Exactly the same image, but swapped round to look like a before/after weight loss story, with the words underneath translating to "Soon this weight loss trick will be secret", encouraging people to click and buy the miracle product to get the same transformation. Yep, the picture I posted to show that diet culture is bullshit, has been taken by the diet industry to sell their bullshit. And you know what? I'm not even mad. Because all this does is further prove what I've been saying all these years: that diet culture is a lie. That the images the diet industry sells us aren't real. And that there is no miracle weight loss product. It's a multi-billion dollar scam, and it's the promise of happiness when you hit the 'after' picture that sells it. So let me repeat something I wrote in the original picture: "The truth is that no goal weight will make you happy. No dress size will take away your self hatred. No calorie count will make you feel good enough. And NONE of it is worth losing yourself, your sanity, your happiness for. You are so much more than anything that can be counted, weighed, or measured". And hey, I guess if the diet industry is SO threatened by body positivity that it has to steal our images and spin them as their own, we must be doing something right. 💁💜💙💚🌈🌞

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