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FEAR AND SELF-LOATHING IN LAS BROMLEY COMMON.... Sorry I have been a bit quiet. I have been feeling a bit shy. I got over 2000 new followers after the jumpsuit went viral while I was away on holiday.... And while it is fine being a bit of a tit on a daily basis in front of your mates and *people that used to quite like you before you posted daily selfies, it is entirely different matter when you start to get a bit of an audience. I got stage fright.... Sorry! 😳 I have had a few sleepless nights. What if I don’t deliver content that gets me hundreds of likes any more? Can my newly inflated insta ego handle the rejection? What if Tray’s Lounge was a stupid fashion fad and now has been banished to Instas Room 101? 😳 This feed wasn’t organically grown from a blog. It was was born out of pure fear and a bit of self-loathing. Fear that I was going to become an unemployed fashion director and self-loathing because I am a middle-aged woman that had pretty much avoided looking in the mirror and having her picture taken for 10 years....! 😬 Welcome new followers. I can’t promise to show you a Polka Dot crowd-pleaser everyday but I will try to tickle your fashion fancy every once in a while.... Please be gentle with me I am new to all this!😜 * I read that these people are called ‘Lurkers’. Nothing wrong with that but just an FYI to y’all. I am going to continue to love the pics of your cats/dogs/kids/dinners/holidays and drunk nights out, cos I am a lover as well as a fighter. I am just not prepared to be on the dole.... my kids cost an arm and a leg and I need to earn the dollar cos they are probably going to be living with me until I am an OAP, by then I am hoping to be cast for the Helmut Lang Campaign and not get out of bed for less than £10k a day! SEE STORIES! 🤩 TRAY’s Lounge Top Fashion Tip- Snakeskin is in, now pass me a gin! 🤩 #trayleslay #shesinfashion #snakeskin #zarahaul #mangogirls #sharktooth #eaudenil #ootd #mirrorselfie #bathroomselfie #bogshot

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