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Picked up my one child from camp today. He had a great time and made many new friends. Feeling so grateful that he had a positive experience. As parents we often have to push our children to try new scenarios. They often resist at first, and later find out that they actually enjoy the situation. PJ did not want to attend camp, and was upset with my husband and I for enrolling him “without asking whether he was still interested in going.” Thankfully, he adapts well and loves programs with a generous variety of activities and a well planned schedule. When we picked him up today he was all smiles, hugging and hi-fiving friends and making plans for next year. I didn’t say I told you so. I told him that I was very proud of him, and that he is such a brave person. My motto is that it’s best to try things out before you make a decision. That’s how you get to know yourself and the world. Here’s to endless Summers! #PJRULES

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