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IF YA THINK I’M SEXY AND YA WANT MY BODY, COME ON SUGAR, TELL ME SO....Rod Stewart 1978- TRAY’s Lounge 2018 Anyone under the age of 25 thinks that any one over the age of 40 is bloody ancient and never gets lucky....well I hate to disappoint y’all but we do! AND we are really, really good at IT because we have had loads and loads of practise! 😜 I went to see KINKY BOOTS at the weekend....So I got the red Zara boots back out, yes they are old season like me, but they are also a little bit kinky like me....JUST SAYIN’! 😜.... Our Frank has literally just packed her bags and left home! 😳🤣 PS. This is the face is of a woman who is totally over London Fashion Week.... #restingfashionbitchface #trayleslay #shewasinfashion #lastseason

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