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COOL.... it’s a funny old word. Cool is something that when I was young I really aspired to because I wanted to be in with the in-crowd. As I have got older I care a lot less about cool in my day-to-day but sometimes find that on the ‘GRAM I still crave validation. It is blatantly obvious that I am not one of the cool kids. I am not in with the in-insta crowd, I was too late to the party. I also always take the piss out of myself as a defence mechanism before someone else does. So not cool, but it is just what I do. When I was young the cool girls always had the confidence to just say, “This is me”. No apology. Well today on Insta THIS IS ME. No joke.....Just a pretty COOL jumpsuit👌🏻 *Tap for credits* #trayleslay #coolaf #shesinfashion #wheresthepunchline #laredoute #toocool #gift #thatipicked @laredouteukpr @laredoute_uk @laredouteukpr #discoverLR

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