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Smiling because ⚡️celluLIT⚡️ Smiling because Keratosis pilaris is killing it Smiling because regardless of any perfected beauty ideal, I’m on a beach, feeling the sand in my toes and the smell of the ocean and that’s all that matters. Insecurities shouldn’t let you limit your life experiences and happiness. These are the bodies God made for us, don’t let perfection be the thief of joy. You were always good enough and deserve to live life on your terms. I know you heard it a gazillion times from me but #everyBODYisabikinibody this just happens to be mine but don’t compare it to yours because yours is perfectly imperfect too🔥😏❤️ . . 👙 @aerie #aeriereal #noretouch #selflove #bodyconfidence #neda #everyBODYisbeautiful #REAL

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