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Walkin into Thursday (and every day) with a smile on my face. How? Pretty simple. I start every day with coffee on the balcony with my husband and we each say 5 things we’re grateful for. We started doing this last month as we realized we both were waking up and going straight on our phones- WORST WAY TO START THE DAY... because you’re already beginning the process of comparing or getting less than stellar news or getting overwhelmed with emails of things you need to do. You get into react mode before the day even starts. So we set the alarm 45 mins earlier and vowed to each other not to miss a week day. We even set up an umbrella for if it’s raining and today we had 5 blankets on. Obviously where you do this is irrelevant, however starting your day with 5 things you’re grateful for is a small shift and it will change your entire day. Today mine were: 1. My warm bed and hot coffee 2. The innocence of my children 3. The sunrise 4. Our community 5. My servants heart ——— See they don’t have to be huge monumental things. We say them out loud to each other. It feels GOOD. And we talk. And we listen. And then we wake the kids up together. And the rest of the day - no matter what happens - we have those 5 things to hold on to each day. So maybe you got a rough start to your day, how could you incorporate some gratefulness into your morning routine? Maybe even while you’re putting your makeup on or getting dressed, in the shower or making lunches? Let’s end this one by sharing at least one thing YOU’RE grateful for in the comments! Just do you babes! Xoxo Allie ———— Swimsuit is @swimsuitsforall last season - I’ll link some similar styles in my stories for ya!

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