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I have always said, you can find love in extraordinary ways - you just have to follow your heart and be you, nobody other than you, and the right person will find you (if he’s persistent enough and eventually hunts you down and won’t take no for an answer 🤣.) For the first time in my history of knowing him, Jon was at a loss for words and a total adorable mess on his knee. So, of course, I said yes - just helping a guy out 😉 Today, we celebrated yesterday’s Grand Canyon engagement by a sick mountain bike trail ride in Sedona where I decided to faceplant via an endo (where you flip head over feet over your handle bars) and landed on face likely breaking nose, bike landing on top of me and jacked up both legs. Zoom in for the proof. Hey, in my defense, I was a little distracted by this incredible guy. 😍💕💗 I love you with everything I have. @jon_francetic #lovewins #engaged #shesaidyes

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